Water recycling is a need of time. It is very essential to concentrate effluent water at max before feed it to multiple effect evaporator. Currently, various tools and techniques are available to concentrate water before feeding to the evaporator. Membrane and advance membrane is common tool or technique to concentrate the water.

Current advance membrane are capable to treat 1,00,000 parts per million TDS to 2,50,000 parts per million TDS also. In rarest case we observe certain type of industry, which may have complex effluent upto 5,00,000 parts per million TDS.

It is very essential to understand water characteristics before choosing this advance membrane. We do have hands on experience and understanding interferences in critical / high TDS water analysis. The High TDS water may have a high organic / inorganic load which may interfere the result in all laboratory techniques. Our experienced technicians are well trained to handle these type of challenges.