Vipanan has a dedicated and well trained project team which closely work with customers to understand their requirements and offer customized solutions to meet their project requirements. Under our Contract R&D activities have been instrumental for many national and international companies, not only to boost up their confidence in their technology and products, but also help them to assess cost effectiveness and profitability.

In short the viability of their project in totality. Such activities consist of developing new technologies, processes and products. This divisions is guided and lead by our well experienced team leaders.

Over the span of 15 years many projects have been executed, some of them are mentioned below.

Projects governed & executed by Vipanan

1. Customer : VA Tech Wabag :

Piloting of water remineralisation plant and data gathering of same.This is done with help of operating plant for 45 days. Duration of project was 2 Months. Today water has become important commodity for the industry. Sea water can be one of the important major source of water

This Project was based on use of sea water which was demineralised and later re-mineralised to get natural Reisner index. The project involved testing and monitoring of various parameters which was essential for designing plant on larger or industrial scale.

2. Customer : Under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Validation of RO membranes. Duration of projects was 1 year.

In this project a newly developed RO membranes from a reputed company was validated for its effectiveness. Vipanan has successfully done this project by contributing to;

  • Defining critical study parameters.
  • Designing various test methods to suit customer requirement.
  • Designing and making test plant for this application.
  • Executing the tests to full customer’s requirement and check and analyse the results.

During this project both microbiological and chemical parameters were studied. This project gave many insights and valuable information to the customer regarding their developed product which helped them to make further improvements.

3. Customer under NDC (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Developed the non-conductive corrosion inhibitor for precision wire cutting machines, for a reputed chemical company. For this industry, we developed a special corrosion inhibitor due to which corrosion potential shall reduced drastically. This product was developed specifically to suit customer’s critical requirements.

The developed non –reductive corrosion inhibitor prevented electrochemical reactions occurred in wire cutting machine and their by improved machine’s and product’s quality with life.

4. Customer : under NDC (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Developed a method to prevent corrosion and protect auto spare parts, for a auto spare part manufacturing company. We have used very innovative technique of converting hematite layer to magnetite layer. With this study following methods, time and related costs were saved.

Processes saved at manufacturer’s end :
  • Phosphating process
  • Greasing process.
Processes saved at manufacturer’s customer’s end :
  • De-Phosphating process.
  • De- Greasing process.

All above processes used to generated lot of effluent and generation of the effluent eliminated completed thereby saving environment.

5. Customer : Under NDC (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Designed and executed analytical programme to evaluate the performance of U.V. based water purifier for a reputed company. This study were mainly focused for getting optimum performance with various microbiological contaminants in the feed water. Duration of project was 6 months.

Vipanan, due to it’s hands on experience and analytical skills helped this customer to define.

  • Critical chemical and biological test required for such study.
  • Designing and making pilot plant

With this study, customer received many circle findings which will help them to improve UV purifier’s efficiency.