In Polymer Chemistry and Materials Science resin is a "solid or highly viscous substance" of plant or synthetic origin that is typically convertible into polymers.

It is important to take resin samples and have them analyzed at regular intervals in order to avoid issues with system reliability , poor water quality ,excessive chemical use , and other possible problems.

Regular analysis not only helps to identify potential fouling and need for cleaning but can also be used to track the normal aging of resin as an aid to sceduling resin replacement and preventing catastrophic failures.

Type of analysis performed

  • Physical Analysis
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Biological foulant Analysis

Applications of Ion Exchange Resin Analysis

  • Water Softening
  • Water Purification
  • Production of high purity water
  • Ion exchange in metal separation.
  • Catalysis
  • Juice purification
  • Sugar manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals.